Insurance services of a lawyer

Insurance in the Czech Republic

With an extensive offering of insurance services in the Czech Republic, it is important to pay attention to a company’s reputation and compliance with the price of quality.
9 years of experience in the insurance industry allows real estate agency «Glorion» to find the cheapest insurance scheme.

Insurance of real estate and property

  • The walls and roof are in real estate. All things in the real estate and car - this property. My house is better to insure the real estate and property together. But the panel house - just like property.

  •  Insurance will provide protection during prolonged absence of the landlord Property insurance is required to buy a home mortgage or a loan. Providing mortgage bank in the Czech Republic is possible only if the insurance contract. 

  • The cost of insurance is calculated from when it was built a house, which is the condition at the time of conclusion of the contract.

  •  The amount of payment in the contract of insurance is calculated from the price of the apartment upon signing the contract and damages. If the insured event occurs, the insurance company is obliged to pay damages to the amount of the contract.


Medical insurance

Medical insurance policy is issued for those who need long-term visa, residence permit and permanent residence.
Act on Residence of Aliens in the Czech Republic stipulates that everyone who came to the Czech Republic with a visa for more than 90 days. A costumer must have a comprehensive health insurance Czech insurance company.


Accident insurance, or travel insurance policy

Insurance policy for short-term stay in the Czech Republic will be required when applying for a Schengen visa. The aim maybe - tourism, treatment, invitations, business visa, teaching or scientific research, as well as for property owners. This travel insurance is valid in the Schengen area.

Legal fees

Agency «Glorion» more than 5 years with law firm.


*Office lawyers check all our deals for safety and legal clarity.

*The Office provides counsel deposit account - the safest way to transfer money. To do this, it signed a tripartite agreement between the buyer, the seller and the real estate agency. Under a contract lawyer transfers the money to the seller and the real estate agency at a time when the real estate cadastre to change the old to the new owner, which can be seen on the official pages of the inventory.