Commercial real estate

Real estate “Glorion” offer you retrieval and analysis of investments in Karlovy Vary and Prague.

Czech Republic is a popular destination for investment in a commercial real estate.

This is explained by the fact that the country's stable economic and political situation.

And that is a developed tourist industry.

Commercial real estate. Categories

  • Hotels, restaurants, cafes, sports facilities refer to the object of free destination.

  • Shops and shopping centers to the objects of trade.

  •   Complexes office buildings and private offices to the office premises.

  •   Buildings for production, storage, industrial and agricultural enterprises, garages to the industry.

  • The apartments are apartment buildings and rental apartments in the day.

  •    Sports clubs, swimming pools, bowling and medical centers to community facilities.

The main purpose of the purchase of commercial real estate-profit making.

Ads for the sale of commercial real estate in the Czech Republic are sufficient. Common areas- restaurants, apartments and hotels. The most popular cities- Prague and Karlovy Vary.

Before buying the desired object should carefully study it!

The company “Glorion” more than 9 years, helping to successfully carry out the acquisition of commercial properties in the restaurant and hotel business, retail and investment projects.

In addition to the search and selection of commercial real estate agency «Glorion» offers:

Consultations on the state of the market and the most profitable sectors for investment.

  • Analysis, audit and evaluation of the selected object.

  • Services for obtaining the loan.

  • Legal support.