Production plant Vřídelní sůl, Karlovy Vary

ID: 1565

Price: 53 000 000 Kč

Glorion offers the sale of an exclusive production plant for the production of the NATURAL CARLSBAD SPRUDELSALT, located in Karlovy Vary.

Natural Carlsbad Sprudelsalt is a purely natural product, which is produced by the evaporation of thermomineral water in the Spring Sprudelsalt plant since 1882. This company is the first thermal salt producer worldwide and remains the only provider of unique product at present. The mineral water prepared by dissolving the  Spudelsalt contains all the effective natural substances in the same amount as spring water from the world-famous Vřídlo geyser. At the end of 2011, production began in a newly built building in Karlovy Vary. The production line uses state-of-the-art technologies in the field of hot water processing and automation of production. The unique and extraordinary way of obtaining the product is unparalleled in the world.

The company is also provided with a production plant of 172.77 sq.m., offices of an area of 83.05 sq.m., warehouse with an area of 68 sq.m., all equipment, including a license for production, trademarks. In the vicinity of the production halls there is the opportunity to buy land and expand the whole production plant.

The Sprudelsalt is known for its beneficial effects on the human organism, it increases vitality and improves the mood. More information is available to you by telephone or personal meeting at the office. We recommend!

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